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Add gel for $15  |  Remove old gel $5

Sinful Bliss Pedicure                                 $25

Nails shaping, cuticle trim, light massage, polish, hot towel and choice of polish.

Mon Ami Pedicure                                   $35

Sinful bliss pedicure, sugar scrub exfoliation 10 min therapy lotion, choice of polish.

Save My Sole Pedicure                            $40

Include sinful bliss pedicure, intensive callus treatment, sugar scrub exfoliation, 10 min massage therapy lotion with hot towel andchoice of polish.

Gardenia Wood/Wood Citron Pedicure    $55  Include sinful bliss pedicure, callus treatment, sandalwood, chamomile, kaffir lime & honey exfoliation, and masque, 15 min massage with therapy lotion,hot stone, hot towel and choice of polish.

Milk Honey Pedicure                                $65

Includes sinful bliss pedicure milk feet bath, callus treatment,walnut and jojoba exfoliation, and oatmeal masque. 20 mins therapy lotion with hot stones massage, hot towel, and choice of polish.

ALMOND PEDICURE:                                           $60  Almond milk bath, callus treatment, exfoliate with mineral salt, jojoba soft bead and sweet almond oil, a lustrous shimmering hand masque that deeply conditions and refines the skin. 20 mins massage therapy lotion with hot stone and hot towel. Choice of polish.       


VINO PEDICURE:                                

Receive 1 complimentary drink ($7 value)

Include sinful bliss pedicure, “Vino” feet bath, callus treatment, walnut and jojoba exfoliation, masque or paraffin, 20 min massage with therapy lotion, hot stone, hot towel. Choice of polish.







Include sinful bliss pedicure with flower petals.  Bath bomb feet soak, intensive callus treatment, exfoliation, masque, 20 mins massage with towel and hot stone.

CUCUMBER PEDICURE:                            Include sinful bliss pedicure, fresh cucumber soak, sugar scrub exfoliation, masque and 20 min massage, hot towel and hot stone.  Choice of polish.

MOJI-TOES PEDICURE:                              

Sinful bliss pedicure, mojito feet soak, callus exfoliation, masque, 20 mins massage, hot towel and hot stone. Choice of polish.

Children Under 10 or below 4 feet: 

Pedicure   $18 

Manicure  $14

*Prices may be subject to change without notice. 

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14232 Schleisman Rd. #200

Eastvale, CA 92880

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Mes Amies Nails & Beauty Spa

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Mes Amies Nails & Beauty Lounge

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