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Add gel for $15  |  Remove old gel  $5

Sinful Bliss Manicure                                $18

Nails shaping, cuticle trim, light massage with hot towel and choice of polish.

Mon Ami Manicure                                 $25

Sinful bliss manicure, sugar scrub, 10 mins massage and hot towel. Choice of polish.

Gardenia Wood/ Wood Citron Manicure          Include sinful bliss manicure.  Contain sandalwood, chamomile, kaffir lime & honey help exfoliate dry skin, masque, 15 mins massage and hot stone. Choice of polish.

Milk Honey Manicure:                             $45

Include sinful bliss manicure.  Milk bath, exfoliation, oatmeal masque and 20 mins therapy lotion with hot stones massage and towel wrap. Choice of polish.

Almond Manicure                                    $45

Include sinful bliss manicure. Almond milk bath, exfoliation with mineral salt jojoba soft bead and sweet almond oil, follow with a lustrous shimmering hand masque that deeply conditions and refines the skin.  20 mins massage with therapy lotion and hot towel wrap. Choice of polish.

Vino Manicure                                        $50

Include sinful bliss.  Wine bath help antioxidant and anti-aging, exfoliation with walnut and jojoba, masque, 20 mins massage with therapy lotion, hot stone and towel wrap. Choice of polish.




Bomb Babe Manicure                              $40 

Organic, sinful bliss pedicure with flower petals, intensive callus treatment, sugar scrub exfoliation, masque, 20 mins aromatherapy massage with towel wrap. Choice of polish.

Cucumber Manicure                                $40

Include sinful bliss pedicure, fresh cucumber soak, exfoliation, masque 20 min massage.  Choice of polish.

Moji-Toes Manicure                                 $40

Sinful bliss pedicure, mojito soak, exfoliation, masque and 20 mins massage. Choice of polish.

Children under 10 or 4 feet under:

Pedicure   $18 

Manicure  $14


Add gel for                                             $15

Remove old gel                                       $5

Paraffin                                                  $12

Callus Treatment                                      $8

Design                                                   $3

*Prices may be subject to change without notice. 

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14232 Schleisman Rd. #200

Eastvale, CA 92880

(951) 432-7344

Mes Amies Nails & Beauty Spa

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Mes Amies Nails & Beauty Lounge

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